Getting Rid of Insomnia

The insomnia means difficulty in falling asleep, and that to have an uninterrupted sleep all night. It is a sign of fatigue for the body. A tired man often sleeps difficult or even awake after a few hours of sleep and cannot sleeps again. Of course, in the morning he is more tired than before asleep. Insomnia is especially high after mental effort (emotions, prolonged and intense intellectual activity, permanently stress) or after the increased excitability of cell from the surface of the brain. It is a main symptom in neurosis and agitation of some psychical ill but may be the result of organic disease (heart disease, asthma, febrile diseases, bronchitis, etc.). In organic diseases, their treatment leads to insomnia cure. In other cases of insomnia you should not hurry to take sleeping pills because they upset the natural rhythm of sleep stages and in fact you may become increasingly dependent on them, decreasing their effectiveness over time.

Natural methods to stimulate sleep and prevent insomnia

- To prevent insomnia is preferable to go in bed and always rise at the same time respecting the habit in the weekends too.

- Go to bed if possible at around 22 trying to not exceed the time when you're sleepy.

- Avoid any intensive activity in evening.

- The sleeping room should be well ventilated; the optimum temperature for sleep is 16 degrees. Generally, temperatures below 14 degrees and over 19 degrees are uncomfortable for sleep.

- It is good to not sleep near the electrical current (computer, radio or television branch) because of the risk of harmful electromagnetic fields.

- Also is not good to sleep with the mobile near the head.

- Beds should not be too soft and not too hard to not cause discomfort and mattress must be all wood (metal creates harmful magnetic fields). Mattress and sheets must be of natural fibers to absorb sweat better.

- Can be used a bed pillow with plants

- Evening meals will not by wealthy. Dinner must to be light.

- Avoid stimulant drinks in afternoon (such as coffee, cola, and tea), alcohol and tobacco.

- Drink before bed a cup of tea (infusion) of plants such as lime, hay, primrose, hops (indicated for those with blood type B), goose foot, valerian root.

- You can make a natural cure with B vitamins, (two weeks of the month), helping to balance the nervous system. It is recommended to use vitamin B complex one because if you take B vitamins such as B6, it disturbs the balance of the other B's.

- Avoid having hot baths at night.

- If you will not asleep slowly practice some breathing exercises.

Calivita natural products helpful in insomnia

- When there are sufficient amounts of melatonin, you enjoy a peaceful sleep, bun in insufficient quantities you sleep difficult and even may have insomnia. Melatonin is a natural food supplement that can be used as a natural treatment for insomnia.

- Rhodiola rosea from Rhodiolin natural supplement composition reduce the harmful effects of stress on the heart, normalize arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and gives a feeling of relief, thus helping sleep onset.

- Strong Bones is a dietary supplement with calcium and magnesium. Calcium helps iron absorption, strengthens bones, teeth and nervous system and combats insomnia. It is administered after a meal every night.

- Panax Ginseng helps improving brain function, gives a state of well and is effective in conditions such as insomnia and fatigue.

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