Types of Acute Care

Acute care hospital can be defined as the period of time that a patient takes to recover after surgery or from being treated from an injury which is being taken care of by the hospital staff and was carried out by specialized personnel. What is involved in the hospital mostly is the use of sophisticated as well as multifaceted technical machines. Hospitals which have an acute care facility there function is to release patients as soon as the patient is capable of taking care of his himself.

Patients who are admitted in this hospital always present themselves with complex medical issues. Patients who remain in the hospital for more than two days are the most critically ill patients. The hospital must be equipped with a license which is suppose to be from the department of health of state in which the hospital operates from. Acute care hospitals can be found in different types and their main purpose is to serve the community around. Each and every of this facility has a unique function. Some of the acute care hospitals have been mentioned below.

The first is the one day surgery center. This type of facility provides surgery and does not need a hospital stay. Patients who visit the center are suppose to be treated and discharged to their comfort of their homes where they will recover from. A one day surgery center is well equipped and can be able to deal with any type of complication which might happen during surgery. The center has also a laboratory as well as diagnostic availability. Patients who have been treated and discharged are suppose to be given medications for pain, discomfort and instructions on what they will do incase complications and side effects from the surgery is going to erupt.

The second type of hospital care acute is an urgent center. This is the place where patients go for treatment if at all they lack a primary physician or when the physician office is not operating when the patient needs treatment. The center is used so much in treating patients who are not sick enough to visit a free standing emergency room but they require medical care for an injury. Urgent care association of America stated that, urgent care can only be helpful if proper utilization of executive healthcare services is done. Concierge healthcare is good because it helps to reduce the number of patients who visit emergency rooms which can be done in a physician office and it also reduces the cost of a medical care drastically.

The benefit of the urgent care is that it is cheap compared to emergency room and the bills are commonly billed like a specialty visit for insurance companies. Most centers are well equipped with a diagnostic center for x-rays as well as a lab for carrying out blood work. Note that these centers do not admit patients at all and if the patient condition needs him to be in hospital what the center does is that it calls for an ambulance or the family will transfer the patient to a hospital which is close or within the area.

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